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Ohhh gotcha. That sounds fun! I thought the one in LA would be like an amusement park.

Nope. Just the one in Orlando. The others are studio tours.

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sabe um negoso de one direction que fez em formato de musica que e tipo asim RA RA RA RARA RARAR RAAARARARARARARAAARARA SABE SE SIM MANDA O LINCK :translation :translation Know a business that has one direction in music format and type asim RA RA RA RARA RARAR technique RAAARARARARARARAAARARA KNOW IF YES HAVE THE LINCK

Crack is wack, kids

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Harry last night in Coachella (19/04/2014)

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This is for Becky

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How do you feel about the you and I video ? I think it was very different from any other video they have done which made it unique. Over all I loved it!

I enjoyed it and I’m emotionally scarred from that close-up.

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Please tell me you've been to Harry Potter World. It's in Orlando, right? It's on my bucket list to go there and the one in London. I didn't know they had one in LA. I should add that to my list too! Lol I'm such a Potter nerd :P

Yea. I’ve been to the one here a few times. There isn’t one in LA, that’s a studio tour that has stuff from the movies :)

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"All I remember is Harry coming in to our room, stealing all our fruit, throwing fruit at us, tipping our tables over and running away naked. It’s traumatizing."

—Michael Clifford of 5SOS on touring with One Direction + (via zaynnharry)
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