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You're so lucky you get to go to the concert again. They are coming to my city in sep but I cant go and I've never been to a 1d concert. I'm literally hyperventilating already by the fact that they're going to be breathing the same air as me ughh.

I couldn’t go to any last year so, I’ve gone a little overboard this time. But, sooo worth it 😊

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Soldier Field 29.8.14

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What does it mean to be verified on twitter. Sorry if this is a irrelevant question. :)

It means that the person has been officially checked by twitter to ensure they are who they claim to be. That way people know if the celebrity account they follow actually belongs to the real person and not some random fan or something.

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August 27th ‘14

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Louis and Zayn almost never interact with the fans anymore, I think thats really sad, why do you think they're not really interacting with the fans? Sorry if that made absolutely no sense, I just love my boys.

I get asked this question all the time and honestly, I don’t know why. Lou and Zayn literally act no differently, from what I’ve observed, now than they ever have. 

They’ve always been the most reserved at shows but, any one-on-one’s and they’re perfectly sweet and polite. 

Harry, Niall and Liam are the show-boaters. They are always the goofiest, loudest and most interactive out of the 5. This doesn’t mean that they care about the fans more than Lou and Zayn, they’re just different. Zayn is super shy and I think Lou is just really mellow. 

They love the fans too, they just don’t show it the same way all the time.

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